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A fun quick game. However, it is one where the enjoyment you get out of it is going to depend on how much you put into it. I recommend putting a lot into it.


A splendid accomplishment, looking forward to playing soon with my gaming group!  Quick suggestion: consider adding “GM-less” to your tag list so that your creation can be more readily found with itch’s search system. 

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Thanks so much! I'll certainly do that :)

I´d really like a example gameplay. I don´t understand the mechanics at all. Is there any of this in the web?

I don't currently have example gameplay up, but that's a good idea! If there's anything in particular you're having trouble understanding, feel free to drop me an email at - I'll be happy to talk through the mechanics, and this will be helpful in clarifying the rules for future updates :)


Just to say there's now an actual play from RPPR over at!


There are some community copies? would like to try it :)

Hey, thanks so much for your interest! Community copies aren't available at the moment, but if you want a copy of the core rulebook for review purposes or can't afford the full game, email me at :)


Thank you so much, I'll write you. :)


This is such a brilliant concept, and I absolutely love how the game plays. Highly recommended!!!


Thanks Ella!!