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this game is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m so excited to be running it for my players soon! I wish there were more greater enemies in the book, but frankly, it’s just given me a chance to make my own! Combat is simple yet evocative, though I think that the book would benefit greatly from an example battlefield, as it took me a while to understand the visual concept of positions. 

However, the atmosphere of the game as a whole is fantastic, and gives a great feeling of a soulsborne game. 

Hey, thanks so much! I absolutely agree that the combat rules could be clearer, I'm going to be putting some more explanation in the next edition to address this, and I'm working on a little illustration (see below) which shows how different circles are used to map positions, where combatants in the same circle i.e. position are 'close', and in separate positions are 'distant'. Hopefully this should do the trick!

have you thought about adapting Professor Dungeon Masters Ultimate Dungeon Terrain. Seems like a perfect match. I’m going to be using it for my game next weekend and I’ll let you know how it goes!


I’m going to be able to run it for friends in a couple weeks but we have a larger group. 6 PCs. Do you have any suggestions for larger numbers of play?

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As I haven't tested it with groups that size, it would be interesting to hear how it goes! The main thing I'd expect is players tag-teaming a lot during combat, which might make fights against single opponents (e.g. greater foes) trivial and could get repetitive. I might suggest trying out some area of effect attacks which keep players on their toes. Other than that, I'd think about boosting the hit tolerance of enemies by a few points. Hope it goes well, and enjoy!


I'm really excited to try this out, as I've been digging for a souls-like ttrpg that can do frequent combat well, and coincidentally the small list of foes available for v0.6 slots perfectly into the first region I'd created. Seeing one more Greater Foe would be very useful in terms of enemy creation to gauge how scarily you think things should go. On the note of the bestiary, there are a few chunks missing from the Bone Amalgam's attacks as if they were cut short to include the loot table. Looking forward to later versions or even discussion!

Amazing, hope you enjoy! That makes a lot of sense, I'll be sure to put a couple more greater foes in 0.7e, which I'm hoping to get out in about a month. Thanks for letting me know about the error, it's incredible what gets through proof-reading! Feel free to get back in touch with thoughts and feedback any time :)

Could you clarify the section about Charting a Region? It talks about Places of Interest and Paths, easy enough, but then says "each place and path features challenges, enemies, and sights to see; roll 1d4 for each to determine how many there are". Is that supposed to mean 1d4 Challenges, Enemies, and extra visuals per Place of Interest AND Path? I'm making an overgrown town, which seems to be the Region, with a road, chantry, crossroads, pit, and graveyard as Places, each with Paths to connect with other(s). Was the overgrown town just supposed to be a Place of Interest? I guess I'm looking for clarity on that section since I'm trying to fill out a thematic locale using your generation rules and hit a bump on which tables to roll on. 

Both paths and places of interest should have one or more encounters of varying sorts (I guess the difference is paths are a linear sequence of encounters, but a place can be a bit more exploratory). If a place of interest has significantly more than four encounters, you may want to break it up into several places or paths instead. This kind of framework is a bit arbitrary as it's designed more to help players break the world up into navigable chunks, so they can say 'this session we'll travel this path and explore this area'.


Hello, enjoying the rules so far! Reporting a minor typo on page 45:

> Phantom creatures may attempt to terrifying wanderers into running away

Hey, thanks so much! That's really helpful cheers, will add to the fix list for 0.7!

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Hello! We love your game, and we are interested in translating into spanish and publish it. We wanna chat with you, can we mail you with more info about us and an offer?

Hey! You can email the details to :)