Future Plans and Updates

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and supported Champions so far!

It's been about five months since Champions was released. In that time I've released another game - Bar the Windows, Bolt the Doors - and have spent time working on my game design abilities, and thinking about where I want to take this project. Championis a bit of a curio, an oddball fusion of different ideas. While it may not have made waves (yet!), I'm proud of this strange beast, and I want to give it some nurturing to see where it might go next.

To this end, I thought I'd give you a quick update on what I want to do with the game, and some targets to work towards in the new year. These are:

  1. Release Variant Rule: In the Vanguard. This two-page free expansion will provide rules for letting your Champion wade into battle themselves. This is complete, and with some testing and small tweaks should be released soon.
  2. Release ICONS OF THE WILDERLANDS. This paid expansion will provide new monarchs, champion archetypes, buildings, spells, unit stats, and some extra tools and guidance for the GM in creating the world. This is 75% complete, and I'm aiming to get this out within the next month or so, all being well. 
  3. Create a new Campaign. This will likely coincide with Icons of the Wilderlands. Champions could do with another sample campaign both to use as a resource in itself and to give GMs more of a template for running their own campaigns.
  4. Create additional game assets. Paper token miniatures, hex maps (both overworld and battle), and tools for creating custom units all feel like a natural progression for the base rules.

My target is to get all of these out within the first half of 2022, if everything goes to plan! What do you all think? Is there anything else you'd like to see from Champions?

I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas, and best wishes for the new year.

- Nathaniel

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This all sounds great! Thanks for the update and for continuing to support and expand Champions of Power and Dread!

My pleasure, thank you for supporting the game! :)