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The ACS Peregrine: a vast space station hanging above the mysterious gas giant Dormer 77b. The planet is more commonly known as Helios, inspired by the strange glow of its exotic atmosphere. 

The Peregrine was originally built as an orbital research facility over one hundred years ago, but now serves its purpose as a retreat for space-faring philosophers. In recent years the philosophers’ order has declined. The Peregrine has become a lonely place, staffed by a skeleton crew of technicians who keep watch over its systems and the ninety-nine philosophers in deep hibernation, awaiting a better future…

Peregrine & Helios is an original science-fiction adventure module by Stoneshore, created to be compatible with the ARC: DOOM tabletop roleplaying system by momatoes. Join the crew of the Peregrine on one of the worst days of their lives, working together to stave off an intense, looming peril in real-time.

A hard sci-fi disaster thriller, Peregrine & Helios is built for a single three-hour session, and adapts some of the rules of ARC for a sci-fi setting. The adventure module includes setting information, non-player characters, variant rules for creating sci-fi characters (including science-fictional inventories which can be used for other sci-fi settings and adventures), a custom doom track, station plan, rules for the guide, and more!

Please note that this adventure requires a copy of ARC to be played as intended, but can be adapted for use with other systems. 

Content Warnings: contains risk of character death, including risk of anoxia/asphyxiation in the vacuum of space.

What you get:

  • A beautiful 28-page adventure guide in pages and spreads format (PDF).
  • The Peregrine & Helios doom track for use separately by the guide (PDF).
  • The station plan for printing or using with virtual tabletop programmes (PNG).

Peregrine & Helios was created using the ARC creator's license.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Peregrine & Helios is an ARC adventure module that brings an impending apocalypse into futuristic space. You play to uncover and (hopefully) prevent the demise of the ACS Peregrine, your research facility and home of several other souls. The art is fantastic.


A very sharply designed, well-made adventure with plenty of peril to enjoy. I found the game incredibly organized, a blessing for any Guide who wishes to run this at their table.  Excellent!