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THE PIT is a clandestine research facility buried five kilometres underground. Within its cold, dark depths, an unscrupulous transnational corporation called CERBERUS INDUSTRIES studies eerie paranormal phenomena, and tests unregulated military hardware.

SUBSURFACE is an action horror tabletop RPG inspired by F.E.A.R, Half-Life, Dusk, Doom, the SCP Foundation, and FIST by CLAYMORE. In this game, operatives trapped in the lowest levels of the Pit try to fight their way up countless floors of horror to get to the surface, in the wake of a terrible and myterious subterranean disaster.

SUBSURFACE is built upon the LUMEN system by Gila RPGs. This means it's packed full of punchy, blazing combat and swarms of vicious enemies. Move room-by-room to get to the end of each floor, fighting, looting, and trying to survive. Keep your adrenaline high and ammunition higher, and beware of the dark.

All you need to play are a handfull of 6-sided dice, writing materials, and 3+ players willing to drop into the deadly depths of the Pit.


  • An illustrated 28-page rulebook containing everything you need to know to play, including:
    • 4 classes
    • 12 enemies
    • 2 bosses
    • 24 weapons
    • 20 items
  • Sub Level -27: an introductory floor of 10 rooms, suitable for a single-session game lasting 2-3 hours.
  • A downloadable character sheet.
  • Bonus material: three new classes - the Administrator, Hunter and Medic

Find a character sheet template for online use here.

This game is Illuminated by LUMEN, based on the LUMEN RPG system designed by Spencer Campbell, Gila RPGs. This game is in no way affiliated with Spencer Campbell or Gila RPGs.

This game includes art by Roque Romero.

Emergency Exit icon by Icons8.

Want to create an expansion for this game? Go ahead! If you do, please include the following text (where relevant, you should credit the LUMEN system as well): This is a third-party, unaffiliated expansion of the SUBSURFACE tabletop RPG, originally created by Stoneshore.

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
Tagsaction-horror, Horror, lumen, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Subsurface rulebook digital 1.0.pdf 17 MB
Subsurface Sub Level -27.pdf 11 MB
Subsurface character sheet 1.0 31 kB
Bonus character classes 1.0 36 kB

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Are there plans for a character sheet?

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Edit: as well as the google sheets version of the character sheet linked above, I've now added a PDF character sheet you can print out as well.

I definitely want a PDF.