Blood Yule 1.1 update is out!

The 1.1 update to the winter expansion to Bar the Windows, Bolt the Doors is out now!

It's been a year since we visited the haunted mountain of Knochenberg, and now there's even more horrors to face in the abandoned winter hotel and remote ski-cabin. This major update brings all the bonus material from last year into a single expansion rulebook, and adds new foes and new items for your game. I'm thrilled to be able to offer you with a bunch more monsters to fight against, and both Blood Yule and Bar the Windows are available 25% off throughout December.

Change log

  • Adjusted winter hotel map to add more barricades, to make it more difficult to move around quickly and balance the challenge out.
  • Incorporated the bonus items into the main document and added 6 additional items: bottle of brandy, snow shovel, life-size doll, abandoned sack, sugary treats and yuletide necklace. These festive items can be rolled on when you survey or scavenge as an alternative to the normal lists.
  • Incorporated bonus foes into the main document and added the waif, the body in the ice, the toy-maker, abhorrent snowman, the choir and frost angel foes. The full suit of diamonds can now be used to play with either on its own or mixed with the standard foe deck of clubs.
  • Adjusted the mechanics of all foes for clarity and balance purposes.

If you have feedback on any of the foes, or spot any errors in the document, do drop a comment or get in touch.




Blood Yule 1.1 2 MB
Dec 03, 2022
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Dec 03, 2022

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