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Return to the town of Inchwick in the grip of a fierce snowstorm, when the locals have made a pact with the wicked spirits of winter to further serve their lord. Or enter the new and sinister setting of Knochenberg, where an otherworldly chill permeates the shadows of a haunted mountain. 

Bar the windows. Bolt the doors. It’s cold outside.

An expansion for the horror party tabletop roleplaying game Bar the Windows, Bolt the Doors, players once again assume the role of outsiders defending a lonely cabin, remote ski-lodge, or abandoned hotel against an array of violent and terrifying foes. 

This expansion provides you with a new setting, two new maps, special items, and thirteen seasonal foes. Perfect for dark winter nights, this innovative horror game will bring a thrill and a chill to your festive season. Because this game does not require a GM, everyone can pitch in to barricade the windows and fight off the darkness.

This expansion includes:

  • A 28-page illustrated rulebook as a digital pdf
  • Two maps for print or digital use, including a two-level map

You will need:

Content Warningcontains gore and violence, cults, disappearances, abduction, possession, fire, death by cold.

Example of Play

Watch this livestream from Kat the Loremistress where she facilitated a game of Bar the Windows, Bolt the Doors, featuring lots of lovely content from Blood Yule!  


Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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Blood Yule 1.1 Maps.zip 2 MB
Blood Yule v1.1.pdf 33 MB

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We played two rounds of this last night, and a good time was had by all! Thanks. The first round was the Winter Court, which was pretty good if a little confusing figuring out the # of actions they could take and what the Lord did and it not being a very bloody round. The second round was the  which was a lot of good old fashioned fun. We mostly ran into different rooms and didn't stay together. Most confusing thing was figuring out what happened when you attacked each foe.

Hey, glad you enjoyed! Yes, Bar the Windows is a little unusual in that fighting has different effects depending on what actions you take and what items you have, and sometimes doesn't physically harm foes, rather than traditionally reducing HP like in other games. Hopefully it all clicked in the end, thanks for telling me about your game!