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The wilderlands are a desolate place, inhabited by ravenous beasts, by warring clans bent on dominion over the pathetic remains of the world. Haunted by the ruins of proud empires and city-states of old, this broken domain is one of burnt deserts, tangled forests, uncharted mountains and churning seas. A challenge indeed for those champions whose DREAD MONARCHS have sent them forth from their fastnesses to mark upon the world – but these skillful warriors have learnt to adapt to this forbidding terrain.

Icons of the Wilderlands enhances the dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game Champions of Power and Dread with a wealth of resources for players and GMs alike.

Within these pages are two new monarchs: Mordred, Empress of Ruins and The Norn Tree; two new champions archetypes - the hunter and the taskmaster; three new roles and goals; eleven new spells; seven new buildings and three new types of siege engines; ten new troop types including beast-men, chained drakesstone idols and dryads; rules for quickly determining terrain and for creating weather effects in the Wilderlands; and eleven sample NPC wanderers, from Garwald the Coin-Clipper to Yasmina Ravencroft, Sword of the South.


  • Icons of the Wilderlands as a 29-page digital PDF in spread and single-page format.

Planned Updates:

  • The Blood-Red City: a sample campaign as a digital PDF
  • Campaign map, containing sixty explorable hexes

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Buy Now$3.99 USD or more

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