November News: Expansion and Updates

Hello everyone! I've been so pleased with how Bar the Windows has been received. It was a delight to be part of the Halloween bundle, and thank you so much to everyone who's purchased, downloaded and reviewed the game. If you've had a chance to play it, I hope you've enjoyed playing it as much as I have.

As we get closer to December, I have an exciting announcement for you! Blood Yule will be a new expansion to the game which brings fresh lore, locations and foes to inject some horror into the festive season. I'm currently doing some finishing touches and hope to have this released on or around the 1st December. Here's a little in-progress teaser for you to see what you can expect.

Now that Bar the Windows has been out for a couple of months and I (and of course, yourselves) have had the opportunity to play it more and see how it fares in the wild, I'm also considering creating a new overall update to the rules to make some adjustments and respond to feedback. Planned elements of the update are clarifying foe behaviour in several cases, and adjusting difficulty balance to make the game a bit more robust when playing tactically (for instance, limiting how far outsiders can move with the move act and limiting when barricades can be rebuilt). There may also be some new narrative tools included if that's something people are interested in! 

I don't have a timeframe yet for this update but I'm hoping to get some time to work on this after Blood Yule is released, in the new year.

If you've played the game and found there were parts which didn't quite work for you, such as foes which didn't run as smoothly as you would like, please do get in touch - I'd love to hear your feedback, and this'll help enormously with future updates!

- Nathaniel

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