Blood Yule Released (and 1.1 update!)

Blood Yule, the new Christmas expansion for Bar the Windows, Bolt the Doors, has been released!

This new expansion brings five new enemies, two new lore prompts, and two new maps (one of which is a special two-level map) perfect for a cold, spooky winter game session. The foes introduce some radically different mechanics to spice up your game. I think you'll all really enjoy it. Pick up your copy here for just $3.99! Just like Bar the Windows, I expect to create some wintry updates to it over time as well.

In other news, Bar the Windows has been updated to version 1.1!

This update brings a bunch of small changes to mechanics and some clarifications to rules. I've also re-organised all the extra materials, including the mine and mansion map expansions, into a single folder for ease of use. Be sure to download the updated file!

Change Log:

  • When playing with two players, you get one extra act per turn to share between you, so you can decide that one of you can take 3 acts on your turn instead of 2. This helps address balance issues where two players get overwhelmed quickly by foes.
  • Fighting is more effective, as all weapon-type items have the benefit of reducing the foe's pool of monstrous acts by 1. Improvised weapons grant this benefit but don't negate the loss of desperation from fighting.
  • Book of Forbidden Lore has been tweaked to be easier to use.
  • Barricades may not be re-built in a location where one has been broken before.
  • The Cult has had some general adjustments, including a free one-room move per cultist per turn, to make them more of a challenge.
  • The Spawn's splitting behaviour has been updated and clarrified
  • Hard Mode has been altered, removing the barricade rule and introducing a limitation to how far outsiders can move.

Let me know what you think of these updates, and I hope you enjoy Blood Yule!

- Nathaniel


Bar the Windows, Bolt the Doors Rulebook v1.1.pdf 11 MB
Dec 03, 2021
Bar the Windows Extra 3 MB
Dec 03, 2021

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