Bar the Windows, Bolt the Doors 1.21 update

Hi all,

I'm pleased to share a small quality-of-play update for Bar the Windows, Bolt the Doors, along with some extra material.


  • Adopted the hard mode rule of being able to move a maximum of 3 connected rooms using the Move simple act into the base game. This means running away from monsters is a little trickier, and also makes larger maps more feasible.
  • The hard mode rules have been updated to provide a limit of 2 rooms when using the Move act. This is an extremely brutal rule as many foes will be able to easily outpace you. 
  • Added bookmarks to the PDF for easier navigation.
  • Added a new bonus rulesheet: 72 horrid rooms. This provides a roll-table to help you describe the rooms you encounter. You can roll on this table each time you enter a new room. 




Bar the Windows, Bolt the Doors Rulebook v1.21 11 MB
Oct 07, 2023
Bar the Windows 72 horrid rooms 2 MB
Oct 07, 2023

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