1.2 update

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who's picked up a copy and played Bar the Windows over the last year! It's been a while since my last update, and this one's just a small one to make some small improvements to the text and tweak a few minor rules. 


  • p. 7 - Morbid Resolve strength has been improved to be more useful, now you regain desperation when you take wounds as well as witness deaths.
  • p. 9 - Some adjustments to make the rules around character death clearer, and improved the phrasing around metagaming, and to make exhaustion clearer as well.
  • p. 10 & 11 - Clarified once a room has been scavenged or surveyed, the same action cannot be taken again even if it was unsuccessful.
  • p. 10 - clarified the Take a Moment move in terms of exhaustion.
  • Made it clearer that The Cult and The Risen Dead hang around after they run out of monstrous acts, and changed it so you must defeat them all to win.
  • Fixed a typo in the Pale Spectre.
  • Changed guidance in Quick Answers to make foe behaviour more interpretative.

As always, feedback is welcome, so do get in touch if you have suggestions for future updates.

- Nathaniel


Bar the Windows, Bolt the Doors Rulebook v1.2.pdf 11 MB
Nov 02, 2022

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