Post-Release Update and Future Plans

Thank you to everyone who's picked up a copy of Wandering Swords or tried the demo so far!

Wandering Swords came a bit out of left field for me. I wanted to create something for my ongoing tabletop art pack jam when the Better Soulslike Tabletop Jam also caught my attention. Inspiration hit me like a dragonslayer arrow. I'll note that I didn't go into Wandering Swords intending to make a definitive souls-like adaptation, or even one which was particularly faithful to the source. There are loads of fantastic souls-like games for you to check out (as well as submissions to the Better Soulslike jam, you should also check out Runecairn and Dice Souls), and I didn't want to compete with those as much as make something which fitted with my own pre-occupations using a few choice mechanics and vibes as a jumping-off point. I talked a little about these design choices on my twitter.

What can you expect next from Wandering Swords?

I'm pleased with this little game, and I'm intending to work on it around some of my other planned projects throughout the year. As with all my work, the more support Wandering Swords gets, the more incentive I have to expand and improve the project, so please rate 5* and spread the word if you like the game!

The first thing I've got planned is to improve the core mechanics and balance of the game arising from continued testing and feedback from players. If you've found mechanics you think could be improved or are ambiguous, please do get in touch by leaving a comment on this post or messaging me on twitter.

Beyond this, I have the following plans in place, which I'm intending to add as add-on PDFs before compiling everything into 0.5e and eventually the fully-fledged 1st edition. In no particular release order, these are:

  • More weapon arts and magics
  • Uncommon, rare, and legendary items
  • More foes, guidance on making foes, and loot drop tables
  • Sample tutor and trader NPCs
  • Expanded tables of names and personal histories which can be used for quick character creation
  • More developed lore about the Hinterlands and the world outside it
  • Sample regions for setting adventures within
  • Guidance on enhancing the narrative and roleplay aspect of the game, alongside the exploration and combat elements

What do you think? Are there any other elements you'd like to see in Wandering Swords?

Thanks again for supporting the release so far. Happy hunting.

- Nathaniel

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