Wandering Swords 0.6e update

0.6e is a minor update which clarifies rules and fixes errors throughout the text.

I hope you're all enjoying delving into the perilious and mysterious world of Wandering Swords so far. There were a couple of minor fixes I wanted to make to the text, and this update includes:

  • Corrections to contents page and page references throughout.
  • Page 17: Changed training to consume one of a wanderer's daily rests.
  • Page 45: Clarified the rules for managing the mist-bound halls.

I'm planning to get back to Wandering Swords in the new year. Planned additions I'd like to make:

  • New illustrations.
  • A sample region map to use for your game, and more resources about creating regions and tying lore into them.
  • New greater foes to face as boss-fights.
  • A tool to quickly and simply generate content for the mist-bound halls.
  • More information and resources for the Lacrymal Shrines.
  • Tools to make your own foes.

If you have any suggestions for future editions, or would like to report any errors or problems with the rules, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Hope you all have a good holiday season and a happy new year!



Wandering Swords 0.6e (pages).pdf 5 MB
Dec 11, 2022
Wandering Swords 0.6e (spreads).pdf 5 MB
Dec 11, 2022

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I can't wait to see how you would chart out regions and pathways. Love the game. Going to be the next game system I play!

Thank you so much! I'm working on the 0.7 update currently, hoping to get it out within the next month or so :)