Wandering Swords 0.8e update

I'm pleased to share a new update for Wandering Swords! It's been a busy year, and I'm glad to be back with another update to the game. It's getting close to looking like a finished product for the digital release, which I expect to complete next year. It's been an interesting experience to see how this project has evolved, and thank you for supporting the game throughout this.

0.8e takes on board the generous feedback of players over the past few months. Thank you for playing and letting me know your thoughts! I've added bookmarks to the document, which should help with ease of use. I've made small corrections throughout, balanced the greater foes, and added a new greater foe. I've also introduced some variant character progression rules using experience points. This is very much a work in progress, so any feedback on the experience point system will be greatly appreciated.

You'll also notice I've added in a setting map at the start of the document, with a new location called Lethere City. I'm working on a sample adventure in this location, and will hopefully share this in the new year. The idea is I can then expand this map as I add more pre-made adventures.

Thanks again for your support, and you can find a list of changes below.

Change log

  • Added bookmarks to the document for better navigation
  • Added a setting map
  • Corrections to typos and formatting throughout
  • Pg 17: added variant rules for advancing characters using experience points.
  • Pg 43: revised guidance on difficulty
  • Pg 44: clarifications to determining encounters at Paths and Places of Interest
  • Pg 66: corrected the entry for the Bone Amalgam
  • Adjustments to all Greater Foes to make them more of a challenge
  • Added a new Greater Foe: Iothane, Dread Sorcerer


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