New Major Update 0.5e! Changelog

I've just released a massive update to Wandering Swords!

This huge update brings a host of new material and other improvements to the game. Because of the sheer volume of material this update includes, and how close this game is now getting to a complete 1st edition, I've gone straight from 0.1e to 0.5e with this update. Exciting times!

The list of changes are as follows:

  • New cover, inside cover, section splash pages, and headers.
  • New character sheets reflecting changes in terms in the last edition, and improved for ease of use
  • Expanded tables for wanderer names and backstory
  • Clarification on repairs or learning powers taking up a rest
  • Effects and inhumanity moved to advanced rules section
  • Over 20 new powers, with weapon arts and each type of magic now having two pages of content
  • New content for the guide on enhancing combat and adding conditions such as darkness and cold
  • New content on challenges outside combat
  • New content on NPCs, and how to quickly generate item costs for traders
  • Over 30 new uncommon items in three categories: minor, moderate and major
  • Six new lesser foes: grime-smeared goblin, mist-bound spectre, bone amalgam, wight, gorhog and inhuman mage.
  • A sample greater foe: Anvor the Despairing
  • An acknowledgements page :)

Whew! This update has taken me quite some time to put together, and I'm going to take a short respite from creating new content on this scale, with the next update planned to implement any adjustments from feedback on the new content. Amongst the content planned for future updates are at least one sample adventure for the game, and possibly some new illustrations as well.

I hope you enjoy the update!

- Nathaniel


Wandering Swords 0.5e (Pages).pdf 6 MB
May 13, 2022
Wandering Swords 0.5e (Spreads).pdf 6 MB
May 13, 2022
Character Sheet v2 (Print) 150 kB
May 13, 2022
Character Sheet v2 (Form Fillable) 5 MB
May 13, 2022

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