0.7e updated released!

It's been wonderful to see a burst of interest in Wandering Swords since January. I hope all of you who have discovered the game recently have enjoyed it so far! I've had an accompanying burst of inspiration and motivation for the game, and I'm pleased to be bringing you the next update to the ruleset.

The biggest change you'll notice is that I've updated the entire layout of the rulebook. The pages are now Royal size, rather than A5, which has given me more space to expand and clarify rules throughout. I've also included some entirely new sections, such as a sample region and tools to generate the Mist-Bound Halls randomly. This update also adds on a bunch of extra pages of content, so we're now at 80 pages in total. It's amazing how much the game has expanded since its humble origins last year.

Change log
  • Changed layout to larger page size, general layout changes throughout.
  • Typo fixes and clarification throughout.
  • Added the Prepare action to combat, where you reduce one dice category on your next turn, to make your attacks more likely to succeed.
  • Added a combat example page, with a diagram to suggest what a battlefield looks like, and an example of play.
  • Added a generic loot table for the end of a fight.
  • Added a variant rules box about adapting the system for third-party adventures in the explore section.
  • Adjusted how certain effects work, e.g. posion, aflame, knockdown.
  • Clarified that powers, such as spells, do not need a successful challenge roll unless stated otherwise. Many of them automatically succeed!
  • Added new weapon arts which interract with the new prepare stance: Quick Regroup and Honed Aim. Changed how some other weapon arts work.
  • Added new common items: Bastard Sword and Infantry Spear.
  • Added new uncommon items: Luxurious Rations, Bloodied Vestments, and Thunderbolt Warpick.
  • Created a sample region designed for new players: the Border Forests.
  • Expanded guidelines around Lacrymal Shrines and the Mist-Bound Halls. Created tools to randomly generate a Mist-Bound Halls map.
  • Added two new greater foes: Great Red Boar and Alikka, Waterfall Guardian.


Wandering Swords 0.7e (pages) 9 MB
Feb 22, 2023
Wandering Swords 0.7e (spreads) 9 MB
Feb 22, 2023
Wandering Swords 0.7e (Demo) 3 MB
Feb 22, 2023

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